Zero Waste Mission


Zero Waste Mission

Thinking about problems of 2050. Creating opportunities in 2019.

3 days of of disruption and innovation focusing sustainability.

10 expert mentors and teachers in the field.

3 teams investigating investigating about 3 big global problems.

3 projects that participate in the global change.

summer 2019

-Ignacio de Juan-Creix, creative engineer and Plat founder.
-Iván Merino, Industrial designer and founder of Biscuits BCN.

Price 150€

Languages Spanish and English

Where Plat Institute. C/ Pujades, 85, bajos.

(Metro L4, Llacuna)

Objective: Rethink the problems together global and generate a solution sustainable ecological and human.

-Create the seed of a disruptive project.

-Teamwork R & D to develop solutions to the challenges of the mission.

-Use creativity and innovation to turn problems into opportunities.

-Learning in groups intergenerationally and interdisciplinary.

-Create proposals for the replacement of plastic.

-Analyze companies that generate products for the replacement of plastic.

«Zero Waste Mission» is an R & D creativity workshop designed for the creation of seed projects, which help to solve one of the problems derived from the massive generation of human waste worldwide.

It will work with the concept of Augmented Gastronomy, a shift to the techno-creative trend of enhancing the emotional experience of the individual, towards solutions for the community. A gastronomy that, as a basis for experimentation with food and related products, looks through interdisciplinary interaction and technology, to provide food and its products with new functionalities.

This is an initiative of Plat: Institute of Augmented Gastronomy. An innovation center that, through research, development and education, rethinks the problems of humanity in the food sector by 2050.
For more information or any reservations feel free to contact us.

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