The Juice Lovers

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The Juice Lovers

Nutritional and social investigation for the creation of an associated brands for Kimon Fruits and Talls i més.

Winner of the second price at Mercabarna Innovation.

Talls i més and Kimon fruits are two companyes specialized in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The two companyes wanted to create together a new brand of healthy juices with different sub-brands adressed to different targets.


-Investigate in the field of juices.
-Investigate the juice market and identify the strongest competitors.
-Create a strong brant able to appeal to differents sectors with six diferent lines.

-Become a reference in the healthy juice sector.

Mother brand with six diferent sub-brands.

The juice lover brand divides itself in six different brands with six different targets. Each sub-brand has diferent juices formulated for that specific target.

Line with a less specific segmentation and a wider market share. Designed to be distributed in bakeries, supermarkets, fruit shops, associations and hostels.

The brand is based in cold-pressed juices with fruits and vegetables of zero kilometer. The line has recyclable packaging and platable labels.

To be launched after summer at that time when children and mothers are about to return to school. «Back to school» line.

This line is also based on cold-pressed juices with sweeter flavors designed for children’s palate. The line has recyclable packaging just like the others, plantable labels and the peculiarity of being collectible illustrated bottles.


We don’t just think about children, we understand that mothers must also stay healthy, especially in the period of pregnancy and lactation in which their needs for vitamins and minerals increase considerably and vary according to their stage.

In addition to recyclable packaging and plantable labels, the line has 4 juices formulated with fruits and vegetables that provide exactly the type of nutrients a mother needs depending on the stage of  their pregnancy.


Focused on those people who exercise heavily and need a lot of energy, both before and after training.

In addition to the recyclable packaging and the plantable labels, the line has two types of juices: BEFORE, focused on preparing the body before intense exercise, and AFTER, aimed at the rapid recovery of minerals after training.


Line focused on taking care from the sun, get a good tan, get rid of toxins after many hours of partying, and simply feeling good with tropical flavors.

In this line we propose 5 different juices, each with different properties for the body, Skin and Sun, Detox, 0 Kalory (diuretic), Aphrodisiac and Red Globe to cleanse the blood. All related to the pleasant summer season.

“Healthy habits for xquisite tastes”

Different methods of branding and packaging will be used for people of high purchasing power. The number of juices that could be developed in this line is infinite, making lines of collecionable bottles, different sizes and shapes. Line of «mocktails».


All the paper used in this product contains seeds so it’s able to be planted. This way we return to the earth what we have borrowed.


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