JB Interactive Book

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JB Interactive Book

Product, editorial and Food Design proposal for Diageo, Justerini & Brooks.

JB Interactive Book proposes a future where you can not only drink a cocktail, but you can also eat it, smell it, smoke it, touch it and even make it fly.

This project was born from the research about the decrease in the whisky market. It’s a proposal about how creativity and technology can solve this issue.


-Investigate Justerini & Brooks brand.
-Investigate the whisky market.
-Create a new ways to consume whisky.


We can start enjoying before reading.

The first step is to consume the edible lipstick, the whisky caramel popcorn, the edible straw, the cocktail and the non gravital pairing, soap edible bubbles.

Just after that we can read a little bit about the brand’s history, how Giacomo Justerini became Justerini & Brooks. A story that inspired us to create new ways to consume whisky.

Main Course

In the main course we expose the evolution of how brands promote themselfs. A TV advertisement it’s not enought.

In this part you can find several interactions that plays with the meaning of the brand and it’s values.


The dessert is Giacomo Justerini’s dream where he thinks about different future products where the way we consume whisky has completely changed.

Whant to know more about the project?

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