Ice-Dream Workshop


Ice-Dream Workshop

When 13/04/2019

By Who Ivan Merino

Price 250€

Where Plat Institute

Plat, Institute of Augmented Gastronomy, is a center of innovation that through research, development and education rethinks the problems of humanity in the future of food industry.

One of the “top 10” products of the food industry is ice cream, a seasonal product that has exceeded its consumption only in summer and reaches all areas (restaurants, supermarkets, street markets, domestic …). If an ice cream is a crystallized concept contained in a tub or stick or cookie … What else can we design? How does creativity, design and technology affect the future of this desired object? How can we customize the shape and taste?

In the workshop we will study ice cream brands, typologies, classics, novelties and trends. Students must design new concepts of ice cream and its graphics. Our methodology is based on experimentation, which we see as the basis for acquiring any knowledge. We will learn under the umbrella of “Learning by Doing and Playing with Food”.

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