Branding, Experience Design, Packaging, Product Design, Project


Branding, Architecture, Interior Design and interactive project.

Partnership with Lo Siento Studio.


-Relaunch the brand.
-Reposition the brand in the sector.
-Apeal to new customers.
-Become a reference in the sector.
-Generate new experiences in the world of pastry and chocolate.
-Showcase the products in a creative way.

«Passtisería Escribà» is an historic pastry shop from Barcelona. Founded on July 25, 1906, when Mateu Serra i Capell  opened the «Forn Serra».

Today is directed by Christian Escribà, the 4th generation of the Escribà family, whose motto is: To make people feel, surprise and create unique and unrepeatable moments

The communication strategy is based on enhancing its figure and organizing the launch of new products write through all its channels, web, press, store and television.

This project proposes a rebranding based in ther previous logo.

The accent.

the accent is the driving axis of the graphic identity that, together with the color, will help to differentiate the multiple categories of products that the brand produces.

Packaging Solutions

Take Away

Architecture Proposal

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