3D Printing


3D Printing

When 16/02/2019

By Who Ariel Valenzuela, Ignacio de Juan-Creix & MakeEat

Price 250€

Where Plat Institute

Plat, the Institute of Augmented Gastronomy, is a center of innovation that, through research, development and education, reconsiders the problems of humanity in the future of the food industry.
Today, 3D printing has taken the prototype industry from the design of jewelry and products to buildings and car parts, the low cost of manufacturing and the easy way to work with 3D models and conceive ideas in a short time they have turned it into the best solution for the current market.
In this workshop, you will learn how to model a simple geometry in 3D by entering some rules and then refining it into the software that prepares your file so that it can be placed on your printer. At the end of this workshop, you can 3D print your own creations with the use of your laptop.
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