3D Printing


3D Printing

Do you want to experiment the 3D-prototyping process?

2 days of innovation and learning with a focus: sensorial experiences through 3D printing.

3 expert mentors and teachers in the field.

1 team investigating sensory disruptive tools within the gastronomy area.

15/02 from 18:00 to 20:30
16/02 from 9:30 to 19:30

-Ariel Valenzuela, advanced architecture and 3d designer.
-Ignacio de Juan-Creix, creative engineer and Plat founder.
-Irene Ródenas, project management and business development expert.

Price 150€

Language Spanish and English

Plat Institute. C/ Pujades, 85, bajos.

(Metro L4, Llacuna)


– Understand what 3D printing is and how it works and why it’s relevant.
-Understand three-dimensionality and learn how to use Rhinoceros 3D modeling software.
-To know how to print an object in 3D.
-Know how to apply 3D printing to other creative areas.
-Work in a multidisciplinary team.
-Explore new sensory experiences through 3D printing of disruptive objects in the area of ​​gastronomy.

For who?

-Designers interested in discovering 3D-printing methods.
– Creative professionals who are aware of current trends and want to experience them first-hand.
-Makers and creative minds that enjoy artisan creation and creativity.
– People interested and curious about innovations in technology and want to discover new possibilities.

3D Printing Workshop is an R & D creativity workshop designed for the creation of seed projects, which help develop sensory experiences through 3D printing as well as innovate within the production sector of disruptive gastronomic tools. In this workshop we will learn to use one of the basic tools for the development of three-dimensional models and we will know in depth one of the new technological tools most used in the production of prototyping: 3D printing.
We will work on the concept of Augmented Gastronomy, a shift to the techno-creative trend of enhancing the emotional experience of the individual, towards solutions for the community. A gastronomy that, as a basis of experimentation with food and related products, looks through interdisciplinary interaction and technology, to provide food and its products with new functionalities.
This is an initiative of Plat: Institute of Augmented Gastronomy. An innovation center that, through research, development and education, rethinks the problems of humanity in the food sector by 2050.


-Bringing your own laptop.
-Having the version of the Rhinoceros 3D modeling software downloaded (free tryal available).
-No prior knowledge about 3D modeling is required.

For more information or any reservations feel free to contact us.

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