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The Institute offers experimental courses, workshops, seminars and activities in an open environment with the latest innovations in technology related to food and gastronomy sector. It is one way of exploring new models of learning and knowledge exchange. Thus, we have the opportunity to link students into professional projects, or job opportunities.

As for giving opportunities and developing know how to improve the food industry, reframes our current concept of Augmented Gastronomy and learning strategies. It will act as strengthen of innovation capabilities through training techniques with the greatest players in the sector of food, gastronomy, technology and creativity.


Conferences & Talks



To teach, develop, promote and diffuse knowledge, through technical and scientific methodologies applied to creativity and Augmented Gastronomy.

To establish scientific and academic collaborative ventures with universities, and innovation centers, and major national or international information-gathering centers, specializing the Augmented Gastronomy, innovation and related disciplines (such as information technology and sustainable development, among others).

To facilitate direct relations between basic and applied research, acting as a center of food and gastronomic exchange when appropriate.

To organize scientific encounters and national and international forums. 





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