For Mother Nature is the Foundation that is part of Plat, Institute of Augmented Gastronomy. Based on the research carried out on the problems facing 2050, we develop specific social projects to respond and solve each one of them. The objective is to use the knowledge and the benefit obtained by the part of the department of innovation and the education of Plat, to use it in the execution of the social project. The benefit of this foundation will be for society and the environment.

We have short, medium and long term projects, and we differentiate three levels of influence: local, national and global.



– 20.000m2 of green rooftops in Poble Nou by 2020.

– Reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality in Barcelona.

– The creation of a GreenHood label that symbolizes the values ​​of this initiative representing a mark of quality of life, sustainability, and environmental respect.



– The implementation of ecological ecosystems through urban orchards, with the use of renewable energy, urban gardening and composting.

– Creation of a circular economy in the building itself with a production of Metro 0 product.

– Work inclusion and social insertion through partnerships with cooperatives and specialized centers.


Image of the future
implementation of GreenHood
in Poble Nou, by Eixverd.

Know more about Greenhood revolution.
Download the presentation here!




– Eradication of harmful plastic world-wide.

– Replacement of plastic by organic or biodegradable materials.

– Implementation of sustainable and eco – logic processes and procedures to the industry.


 – Awareness of the problems of harmful plastic in the world. – Track and eradicate plastic in the oceans.

– Research to create new biodegradable materials with elements and organisms of the sea.

– Apply new materials to reduce the ecological footprint.


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